Pioneer Property Group ASA is a real estate company focusing on providing high-quality properties for government-backed care-services. The company’s current portfolio consists of over 150 properties centrally located in the Nordic cities, including Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. The kindergarten properties house a total of approx fourteen thousand children. The properties are leased out on long-term triple-net contracts to large operators, including Norlandia Care Group, Espira, and Touhula

The company’s property portfolio is a result of the acquisition from several independent preschool operators, again driven by these companies’ wish to free-up resources and capital to be able to provide the highest quality possible in their primary focus area – preschool operations. Pioneer Property’s kindergartens have during the later years played an important role in the improvement of the Norwegian preschool market, through improved capacity, quality and cost-efficiency.

Going forward the company’s strategy is to expand its reach into care-services property with similar characteristics as the Norwegian kindergarten market – i.e. long term contracts with solid operators, again backed by government financing.

Pioneer Property Group ASA’s latest Articles of Association can be accessed here.




  • Pioneer Property Group (PPG) is a pure play real estate company focused on government backed care real estate
  • The company was created by a acquisition of four separate real estate portfolios PPP I-V

Portfolio overview

  • No. of properties: 150
  • Total number of children: Approx fourteen thousand
  • Weighted average lease term (years): 17 years


  • Total monthly rental income is currently approx. NOK 20 million. See Financial Reports section for latest report.


  • Continue to build portfolio through market consolidation and acquisitions
  • Acquisitions to be equity financed on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Best-in-class debt finance structures